Here's what we do ...

First of all, we provide transportation with pick-up and delivery if the customer wishes. Or, the customer can deliver the heat exchangers to our site and arrange for pick-up when the job is completed.  Our philosophy is to meet the customer's exact requirements and then try to exceed them.

There are five stages in our reconditioning process:

  1. Remove old gaskets from plates
  2. Chemically clean plates to remove deposits from the heat transfer surface
  3. Inspect plates for stress cracks and corrosion using highly sensitive dye penetrant under UV light
  4. Provide and install new gaskets
  5. Final inspection and packaging for shipment

Frame service and pressure testing are available if required.

The products we use are designed, engineered and manufactured under ISO 9002 standards.

Heat Exchanger Servicing  

Heat Exchanger Servicing

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